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Here is the document we created to be able to open according to State of Washington mandates for churches to meet. 50 or less/25 percent of occupancy whichever is less.

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Here are the steps we must implement to be able to hold worship services. The State of Washington has set a multi-step process for us to follow during this time. This may cause some frustration but let us celebrate that we get to meet and in the bigger picture of life, these are but minor inconveniences.

In the Epistles both the Apostle Paul and Peter talk about respecting authority over us. This was during a time in history that the government and religious leaders wanted to wipe them off the map. The Apostle Paul tells us that we fight not flesh and blood – that we are called to live in harmony with those around us. Let us keep our eyes on the prize ahead, and our opportunity to live out grace and love before our community and set forth a good example in the name of Christ Jesus. We live to serve others and put them before ourselves, i.e. loving our neighbor as God loves us. Keep this perspective as we come back together and in our day to day conversations in our homes and community.

The following are our COVID-19 mandates for meeting. These are based off state requirements to meet. This will apply to worship gatherings, small groups and meetings.

1. All employees, members and visitors must self-screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving. Please stay home if any of the following exist:
Anyone who has a fever of 100.4 F or above
Anyone who shows signs of COVID-19 such as: Cough, shortness of breath or difficulty
breathing, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell (including a fever
above 100.4 F).
Anyone who has or family member who has been diagnosed COVID-19.

2. It is required that all persons wear face masks. Disposable face masks are available upon
request. Disposable gloves are also available. These must remain on at all times.

3. All persons are to enter through the front door during worship services and small group gatherings. The other entries will be marked for people to use the front entry. We chose this entry for easy access and no stairs.

4. Alcohol wipes and/or hand sanitizer and tissues will be available in multiple locations throughout the building. Please remember that there is limited supply available of these products.

5. When using the restrooms, all individuals are required to wash their hands with soap and water before leaving the restroom. Only two people are allowed in the restroom at a time.

6. Social distancing measures of 6 feet will be applied. Chairs and tables will be set up prior to services and gatherings to meet the social distancing guidelines of six feet between persons. Members of the same
household may sit together as a single unit. Individuals are to refrain from physical contact.

7. Sunday School classrooms, nursery area, youth room, fellowship hall (unless needed for overflow) and kitchen areas will be unavailable during this time and will resume when restrictions are lifted. Feel free bring items to keep busy minds engaged or see Pastor for a “busy bag” to use during the service.

8. Areas and rooms in the building that are used for services and meetings will be disinfected following the gatherings and before the next scheduled event.

9. Anything to be consumed my not be presented to the members or visitors in a communal container or plate.

10. Until further notice, the water fountain, coffee station, before and after service snacks, and potlucks, open communion will not be available. (We will utilize individual prepackaged communion items as they become available) These will resume when restrictions are lifted.

11. Offering plate will not be passed, we will place an offering plate at the front and back of the sanctuary for you to donate/time as God leads you. You may also give via our website securely. Thank you for your faithfulness.

12. Food and drinks are permitted in individual containers for personal consumption only. You are responsible for taking them home and cleaning them there.

13. In the event individuals are exposed to COVID-19 in the church facility or grounds, the building will be closed immediately for disinfecting, gatherings will be suspended for 14 days and all employees, members and visitors will be contacted as to the date of exposure.

The official requirements are posted in the foyer along with other required postings inside and outside of the building.

Peace and grace,

Rev. Floyd Laabs and Church board


Updates will be posted as more info comes available regarding returning to normal services.

Let us know via FB messenger if you’re in the Royal City community and can’t get out and will do our best to help you.

We are a imperfect people who come from all ages, ethnic, and economic backgrounds, who have been saved by the radical, amazing, overflowing grace of God. We don’t have it all together, but Jesus does. We’re not perfect, but God is. So each week we gather to worship Him and to lift high His name. We invite you on this journey seeking the leading of the Holy Spirit and living out a Christlike life in this journey of life. By the way, we aren’t concerned with what you are wearing when you join us, we just want you to join us. We seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus, living out His love, compassion and grace to our community and beyond.

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